StackHR is a research project at Aarhus University in Denmark conducted by postgraduate student Olaf Villadsen with Senior Scientist Guoqiang Zhang as supervisor.
Inventor and main driving force behind StackHR is Danish HVAC engineer Olaf Villadsen. Olaf has a bachelor's degree in Structural and Civil Engineering from Aarhus University where he majored in Energy and Indoor Climate. He is currently completing his master's degree specializing in Fluid Dynamics and Building Ventilation.
For his bachelor thesis project in 2016 he investigated indoor climate and energy consumption of dwellings in Hurdal Eco Village in Norway. In doing so he realized the appeal and potential of natural ventilation solutions, but also uncovered major unresolved issues, namely the lack of heat recovery solutions compatible with natural ventilation, resulting in increased energy use as well as cold air causing thermal discomfort for occupants. Olaf has since been working to develop a solution to this problem. This effort has resulted in the development of the now patent pending concept: StackHR.