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First Public Release of Research Paper on Sustainability of the StackHR System

Here is the paper that Nikolaj and I wrote about our Life Cycle Assessment of the StackHR system for our class on Sustainable Design and Production at Aarhus University. Be warned that it does get a bit technical in places. I hope you enjoy the read if you still choose to proceed!

Life-Cycle Assessment of StackHR

Alongside my experimental testing of the StackHR concept for my masters thesis, my buddy (and fellow postgraduate engineering student) Nikolaj Vendelbo and I have been working on a LCA study investigating the sustainability of the concept for quite a while now. Today we presented our findings for our class on Sustainable Design and Production at Aarhus University, and apparently we must have done quite well as we got some great feedback from both of the professors attending the presentation. For our study we investigated the sustainability of the StackHR concept through a comparative LCA where we benchmarked the proposed system against both traditional natural ventilation systems and State-of-the-Art mechanical ventilation systems featuring high efficiency heat recovery. We did so by evaluating the total environmental impact of the systems in terms of greenhouse warming potential (as well as other relevant impact factors) over the full expected lifetime of a building. Doing so obvi